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Kendrick Lamar Declines Oscar Performance,Working On New Music

As we all know Kendrick Lamar is nominated for Best Original Song in Oscars,along with TDE songstress SZA. On December many publishing articles confirmed that both of them will perform on stage their Academy Awards nominated song “All The Stars” but this week Oscars CEO has confirmed that Kendrick Lamar won’t be attending or performing at the awards Ceremony. USA Today reached out to producers of the show for real reason of Kendrick Lamar’s declining to perform

We’ve been working on it for a long, long time trying to make that work. But between our production schedule for the show and the creative process with Kendrick, and the fact that he has been out of the country, we just couldn’t make it work. We’re pretty broken-hearted, if the truth be told.” 

Lamar is working on new music, producers said, calling him an “amazing” artist who is “in a creative place that is different than what the needs are for the show.

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