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Frank Ocean Teases New Music With SZA,Kendrick Lamar,Andre 3000

R&B singer Frank Ocean’s is due for new music from long time and today he fulfilled his fans wish as he posted an image on his Tumble account “March 1” with text including SZA,KL,Andre 3000,he also gave away possible title of his album or song “Here For The Beans“( KL is short for Kendrick Lamar).As music fans knows new music mostly releases on Fridays and March 1st,2019 happens to be Friday. SO is “Here For The Beans” is new album or new song? well let’s hope we don’t have to wait untill March 1st to find out cause the features list looks packed.

Check Out Frank Ocean’s Tumblr Post here

Edit – The Post regarding new music releasing on March has been deleted from Frank’s Tumblr

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