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Nipsey Hussle Announces Joint Album “America’s Most Wanted” With YG

Westcoast Rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle gave us a rebellious anthem last year “FDT” short for Fuck Donald Trump,In alatest interview with Billboard Magazine Nipsey Hussle revealed that track was meant for a joint album and he also revealed a joint album with YG is still coming ,You can read excerpt here

You mentioned YG and you guys have proven to have great chemistry, especially on “FDT” and “Last Time That I Check’dd.” Have y’all spoken about possibly doing a joint album together?

Of course. We went in and tried to. “FDT” was for the YG and Nip Hussle album, and you heard how crazy that shit came out? He put that on the album and was like, “Fuck that, I’m done.” And I understand that. Those sessions were sessions for the collab project. We went into Mustard’s studio every day. Young Thug came through. A lot of songs that wound up on different projects happened in there.

Is the idea dead?

Nah, the idea is definitely not dead. Life happens. He got a solo career and I got a solo career. He got a kid and I got kids. That’s something the West wants, and we’re gonna do it, and we’re gonna call it America’s Most Wanted.

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