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New Interview : Kendrick Lamar talks about longevity in Rap,Basketball skills & more

Kendrick Lamar performed live in NBA American Express ALL STAR Weekend after the performance he sat down with Billboard for an excursive interview where he discussed passing the west coast torch to deserving young rapper and much more,you can read excerpt below

Interviewer : The celebrity game happened on Friday (Feb. 16) and Quavo dropped a cool 19 points. So I’m curious, if you got the phone call from NBA commissioner Adam Silver asking you to suit up, what would you do? 

KL You know, there’s a reason why I’ve been playing the background for so long. You know, every dog has his day. My whole thing is that I don’t rush the process, and when I wanna show the world that it’s not just in the booth [I can dominate], it’s on the court, too, then I will be ready to display it.

Interviewer : So hypothetically, if you can give me your stat-line, what would it be? 

KL I’m not even going to do that, I wanna show [my skills]. Yeah, I’m not going to give you no numbers, or nothing. [Laughs]

You pretty much have the keys to the West Coast, the keys to TDE, and now, essentially, the rap game. How have you managed to not fumble knowing that you have those responsibilities on your plate?

It’s really always having love for it, and really having fun with it. I think the moment when I’m not having fun with it, and getting into the studio and — you know, going back to the Kobe similarities — maxing out on the full potential, that’s when the fumbling happens. Before that even happens, I’d pass it down and give it to another young boy that has that same passion that can carry that [throne]. But right now, I feel good. I’ll let y’all know when the final years is coming up, when I’m like, “OK. This kid is it. He’s from the city. He’s it. He got it.”

That’s like when Game, Dre and Snoop passed you that King of the West Coast crown a couple years ago during a concert. You’d be open and willing to doing the same thing? 

Oh, definitely. If we see the same excitement that you see in yourself in somebody else, that’s the key to evolving and giving [back] in terms of hip-hop. Same way they did it to me, I’d do to someone else.

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